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As electric mobility becomes a bigger topic of conversation, companies are looking to innovate and re imagine how we commute and travel. Pipistrel has been in the industry for over 30 years and is actually the first company to build a certified electric aircraft. The vision of Pipistrel is to shape the future of aviation by developing and delivering cutting-edge solutions, which are personalized, safe, environmentally friendly and enable affordable ways of flying to everyone. Tine Tomažič is the CTO and Director of R&D. The conversation is fascinating as we dive into aviation, mobility, and the future of sustainability.

“Now, electric motors are 10 times more dense for what they are powerful towards the conventional ones. All of a sudden, they become much smaller for the same power. You can start putting them on interesting places, like towards the end of the wing, or on the tail. This really changes the drag profile of the aircraft. You really start having these advantages. They're not because you're using a more efficient powertrain, but because your airframe has become more efficient. The marriage between the powertrain and the airframe alone constitutes many opportunities."

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