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At Everlastly, they want to make it easy for people like to shop for gifts that are good for life today and for the world of tomorrow. There’s a long road ahead and Everlastly is on a mission to build a more sustainable economy. Many want to purchase sustainable products and reduce their environmental footprint. The problem is, it’s not that easy to understand the true costs of our choices. Everlastly is here to change that. When you make more sustainable choices on your registry, it creates a ripple effect, inspiring your loved ones to consider their own buying habits, and proving to businesses that being sustainable is good for the bottom line. In this episode, we dive in with Nathan Sedlander, Co-Founder and Co-CEO to talk consumer behavior and building solutions for the future.

How Everlastly makes a difference

Everlastly is taking the first step by breaking down every category in the home, giving each product an Evergrade, and choosing only the most sustainable options for their shop. Their team of data analysts, sustainability researchers, and environmental scientists work tirelessly to assess the impacts of every product, then they boil it all down into one clear, easy-to-understand rating. Everlastly's dream is for every retailer to offer transparency to their customers so that we can all make choices that are better for the environment.

“The eco index or, really, an understanding of the environmental impact of the stuff we buy needs to be at the point of purchase. Whether it's the Everlastly eco index or any kind of aggregation of all of this impact information, we believe that it needs to be at every point of purchase. It should be at Amazon. It should be at your grocery store. It should be on the package. And it should be a easy to understand way to compare products when you're making a purchase. Let's create a market economy, a consumer economy where we understand the impact to the planet of the goods we're buying."

How you can make a difference.

If you are getting married, Everlastly's solution provides an excellent platform for conscious consumerism, especially when it comes to weddings. However, you don't have to be getting married to make a difference. With their catalog of sustainable products, you can shop for housewares knowing you are making the right choice.

How you can get involved with Everlastly.

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