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Rachel Kois is the CEO & Founder of  SimpleSwitch.org, an online marketplace for ethical and impactful shopping. (Think “like Amazon” except every one of the 3,000+ products has a positive social or environmental impact.) They aim to shift some of the HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS spent online this year to everyday products and gifts that support orphan care, plant trees, combat climate change, and more. Simple Switch exists to bring ease and convenience to ethical and impactful online shopping, and change the world through positive impact purchasing. Rachel believes deeply in the power of entrepreneurship to solve some of our most serious global problems. We get into some great topics on the podcast and also discuss the journey of entrepreneurship.

How Simple Switch makes a difference

"We want to make the journey to conscious consumption a "simple switch." The environmental and social problems in consumer spending are not primarily the fault of individuals, but the consequences of the systems created for all of us to use. We believe it's our responsibility to build a better system that makes it EASY to be a conscious consumer, while providing transparent and valuable information about personal impact. We've seen most for-profit tech companies make our lives easier with innovative mobile apps, habit formation, etc., and most nonprofits help educate their audience about important social and environmental issues facing our world. Simple Switch aims to sit at the intersection of these models, empowering our audience with easy-to-digest impact information, while making it extremely easy to shop in alignment with values."

“I think that it is necessity. It's what we will all be doing very soon. In the meantime, people with the financial privilege to start making those changes, even when they do have a higher price point. It's great, because it's like a triple impact, right? We're divesting that money from thecompany that's making a negative impact. We're investing it into the brand and product that is making the positive impact, and we're signaling to the economy overall that this is what consumers want. That's just going to drive the whole economies of scale. ”

How you can make a difference.

Start switching out products as needed. It is a bit of a process that takes time, but Simple Switch has all of the solutions for when you are ready. You can also see what businesses in the area could be switching to more sustainable materials and processes.

How you can get involved with Drink Simple

Check out Simple Switch at their website and reach out to them here

Give them a follow on Instagram here

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