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The E1 Series is the world’s first and only electric powerboat racing series. The series was established to create an exciting, competitive racing platform to promote sustainable electric watercraft and reduce the environmental pressures being placed on the ocean, rivers and lakes. The E1 Series was launched in 2020 by two close friends from the automotive world, Alejandro Agag and Rodi Basso. Alejandro is a groundbreaking pioneer of sustainable motorsport, having created three electric racing series from scratch: Formula E, Extreme E and now the E1 Series. Rodi Basso, who the interview is with, is an entrepreneurial motorsport engineer with a passion for the sea and innovation, with an impressive background in Formula 1 working with Ferrari and Red Bull Racing (as well as time working with NASA).

How E1 makes a difference

E1 is pioneering a new racing series that has never been seen before. Through the success that electric series have had on land, taking it to the water has been a unique challenge but one that is almost even more important. The ocean is one of the most important pieces to the sustainability puzzle and E1 not only is racing in a sustainable way, but is also raising awareness along the way. The impact of the series will be global, with the plan to race in 2023 all over the world in cities that sit right on the waterfront. Additionally, they are creating solutions that have applications in other industries such as battery technology and shipping.

“In E1, we are considering ourselves the meeting point of saving the powerboating, motorsport, and high-end automotive. These last fields and industry is the one that is providing us the electronic and electric propulsion side of it, because the automotive high end and the motorsport is at least 20, 30 years more advanced compared to what has been developed on the water. This is what we're trying to do with E1, with the SeaBird technologies, which is our technical startup where I played the role of CTO, that is developing
also commercial vessel to be used like in a sharing model facility.”

How you can make a difference.

Follow along with the journey of E1 and start engaging with the series. Additionally, consider ways in which the problems around ocean sustainability and electrification can be solved. There is a certain circularity to every decision and while no solution is 100% perfect, some lay down the groundwork for a brighter future. Part of engaging with E1 is rallying behind their mission of constantly pushing the envelope on what's possible for the future.

How you can get involved with E1

Check out E1 at their website and reach out to them here

Follow the journey of E1 on their YouTube channel here

Give them a follow on Instagram here

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