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As typical urban professionals, founders Michael and Lucas loved the idea of moving: new home, new city, new job, new roommates, new furniture. But they didn’t love the reality: The expense and hassle of moving existing furniture that might not match their new place, creating waste by kicking cheap furniture to the curb, or spending free weekends shopping for new furniture. After working together at another Los Angeles based startup, Michael and Lucas realized they had more than moving in common. They shared an entrepreneurial spirit and a belief that they could flip the home furnishings industry on its head in a sustainable fashion that fits the way we live today. That is where Fernish comes in. Fernish provides consumers with the flexibility to have access to premium furniture without contributing to the overall waste cycle. We talk with Kristin Smith, COO of Fernish about the impact that they have as a brand and the future that they are building, shaking up the furniture industry.

How Fernish makes a difference

By using Fernish you’re also saying goodbye to “fast” furniture—cheaply made, self-assembled furniture that you’re forced to throw away after a single use. Yearly, there are 9.8 million tons of furniture that ends up in a landfill each year. Last year, Fernish saved 268 tons of furniture from going to landfill. That amount of furniture, if stacked, would reach 7.7 miles high in the sky. Fernish is continuing to expland into new ares and also working on more innovative ideas in the furniture space. As they continue to grow, so will their impact.

“It was part of the thought from the very beginning, because for that time in your life where you are very mobile and you're buying furniture, whether it's second hand, or you're going to IKEA, or inheriting something, you start to understand how wasteful it is. Because even if you're donating things, eventually you realize, it's wishful donating. You're not sure if that's not just going straight in the trash. There's almost 10 million tons of furniture that goes into US landfills every single year. It's because the right person doesn't have it at the right time in their lives.”

How you can make a difference.

Taking care of your already existing furniture is step number one in making a difference in reducing waste when it comes to furniture. Additionally, limiting purchases from fast furniture companies and focusing on purchasing quality makes a huge difference. If you are in an area where Fernish is providing their products, consider using them, especially if you move often.

How you can get involved with Fernish

Check out Fernish at their website and reach out to them here

Give them a follow on Instagram here

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