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SailGP is a global sailing platform that is not only purpose driven, but featuring some of the best athletes in the world. Their ambition is to be the world's most sustainable and purpose-driven global sports and entertainment platform, believing that sport has the power to change the world. They are a climate positive sport, creating more impact than the footprint that they create. The ultimate goal of the sport is to not only serve as a platform for inspiring positive change, but to serve as an example for other sports to follow suit. Speaking with Fiona Morgan, Director of Purpose and Impact at SailGP, we discuss the platform that she has built, the challenges that we are facing as a planet, and how SailGP is helping to provide a solution.

How SailGP makes a difference

The biggest way that SailGP makes an impact is through its racing platform and more specifically, it's Impact League. Introduced for SailGP Season 2, the Impact League tracks the positive actions each team makes to reduce their overall footprint and help accelerate inclusivity in sailing. A second leaderboard, which runs alongside the Season Championship, has been created to monitor the performance of each team in the Impact League, with each team's score at each SailGP event being added to the overall Impact League leaderboard. At the end of the season there will be two podiums, with the winner of the Impact League crowned alongside the Season Champion and earning funding for its purpose partner, who supports and advises them throughout the season and is visible on the team’s livery.

“Consumers expect more. All of the research around this, they're expecting brands
to be more sustainable. They're choosing sustainable brands. That power, you think, 'Oh, it doesn't matter if I choose that plastic rebrand," well, it does. Because if you do it, more people do it, you inspire your friends, you educate them. I think people, especially young people are very sustainably minded compared to my generation. They're adopters of the journey.”

How you can make a difference.

An impact league is not something that has to be limited to the SailGP platform. This format can be applied to other sports teams, corporations, or even local communities. Analyze some of the ways that you can increase the impact in your life and minimize your footprint. Also, watch a few races of SailGP and share their mission with your community It is a truly exciting racing platform and the sport is gaining popularity globally in a major way.

How you can get involved with SailGP

Check out SailGP at their website and reach out to them here

Watch their races and behind the scenes on their YouTube channel here

Give them a follow on Instagram here

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