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Doing the dirty work is in United By Blue's DNA: they organized their first community cleanup the week they sold their first t-shirt over a decade ago. Years later, they're still hauling old tires, gathering plastic bottles, and picking up the bits of styrofoam that litter our shorelines. United By Blue's dream is to eliminate the need for this mission one day, so our pursuit doesn’t stop at reusable trash bags. They prioritize sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing to lead the charge toward better business practices. They facilitate easy ways for our customers to generate less waste by creating products like reusable utensil kits. And United By Blue builds community through waterway cleanups, determined to spread the idea that if one business can make a difference, so can one person.

How United By Blue makes a difference

United By Blue is committed to creating products that have only positive impacts; not just on the end user, and not just on the earth, but on the quality of life of the workers who created it. They accomplish this by partnering with factories that hold the highest standards for facilities and personnel, with the third-party certifications to back it up. In addition, they also innovate in the apparel space by creating clothing out of innovative materials such as bison coat. By creating high quality products that are sustainably made, they are doing their part by also ensuring that products are replaced quickly either.

“Sustainability and the outdoors are synonymous with one another and will always be focused on the love of the outdoors. So the thread of being an outdoor brand is still there but the actual best way to have maximum impact and maximum growth is to be inclusive and really looking at the world holistically and not just as a singular segment of the population.”

How you can make a difference.

When you are looking to purchase new items, check out United By Blue as an option. You can trust that everything on their website is sustainable and will also last. When making this simple choice, you are affecting the entire supply chain along the way.

How you can get involved with Upterra

Check out United By Blue at their website and reach out to them here

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