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Water has been a topic of conversation lately, especially when it comes to agriculture. With water being a finite resource, it needs to be used in a more efficient way in order to support the growing needs of the population. Upterra has been taking a different approach to water. By using biomimicry, they have restructured water so that it performs best in the environment that it is being used. This leads to less water waste, better efficiency, and better yields from crops. In a world that is beginning to see drought at a major scale, this technology ensures that we can produce food in a sustainable way while also improving the quality of the food itself.

How Upterra makes a difference

Upterra is addressing one of the largest problems that we face as a planet, access to water and food. Water is needed in order to grow our food. While our population continues to increase and access to nutritious foods are becoming more difficult, Upterra is there to step in. While a lot of their work is still in the preliminary process, the results have been outstanding. They are seeing a 30% reduction in water, 30% reduction in fertilizers, and 10-50% more yield, depending on the crop. Those are huge numbers that speak to a very promising future.

“Our goal and our mission is so simple: save water, do better things for the soil, help persons who are producing these things save some money, give a greater yield, and a healthier product for the people. If we are able to do even 2 of those 5 things, I think that we will have built an amazing company.”

How you can make a difference.

While this is more at the agricultural level, try to source your food as locally, organically, and sustainably as possible. But also pay attention to your water consumption. Turn the sink off when shaving, brushing your teeth, or even just using less water in the shower. Every little bit helps in conserving water.

How you can get involved with Upterra

Check out Upterra at their website and reach out to them here

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